Bringer of spring (Easter), abundace and love, envoy of peace, keeper of many secrets: Hares are powerful mythical animals in many cultures. They are known for their speed, quick change of direction to disorient persecutors and power of reproduction. They are also very brave and make use of their strong hind legs to fight if necessary.
They are connected to the moon, night time and dreaming. Knowing their way through the tunnels beyond the surface, they are great leaders through the darkness of the lower worlds.
This hare is a great shaman, healer and spiritual guide. He is wearing an ornamental outfit with a shaman's crown, bells and many details. He is carrying a drum to tune into the rhythms of the Earth and a lantern to lighten the dark.
This figure is my answer to a dream vision and was made slowly and happily by hand.
Height: approx. 20 cm
Made of lightweight velvet clay. Stand is made from velvet clay and cold porcelain (for weight).
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